Addiction Treatment Program for Drugs and Alcohol in MA


Trying to beat a substance addiction alone is often incredibly challenging. Whether someone wants to overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol, they typically have greater success and comfort when using combined therapies and treatments tailored to their particular needs and situation. A customized ongoing approach is also important to prevent relapsing and returning to former destructive patterns. If you or a loved one are looking to kick a substance use disorder for good, various addiction treatment programs in Southborough, MA, are available to help you reach your goals and master sobriety.

Addiction Treatment Program

Addiction Treatment Programs in Dedham, MA

The best addiction treatment programs in Dedham, Massachusetts take a person-centered approach to promote overall healing and recovery. Programs use a combination of proven treatments, therapies, and techniques as appropriate in your circumstances. A generic one-size-fits-all approach isn’t generally successful when it comes to addictions.

Therapies and treatments in rehab programs may include:

  • Medication treatments
  • Detoxification
  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Motivational enhancement therapy (MET)
  • Motivational interviewing (MI)
  • Dialectal behavioral therapy (DBT)
  • Rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT)
  • Trauma therapies
  • Psychotherapy
  • Family therapy
  • 12-step support groups

    Alongside personalized care and a range of techniques, Southborough, MA, top addiction treatment programs take place in a comfortable environment where people can feel safe and secure. Treatments and therapies are administered by highly trained and qualified practitioners who have your well-being and success at heart. Additionally, addiction treatment centers in Southborough, MA, provide exceptional aftercare and ongoing support to ensure you remain addiction free.

Addiction Treatment Program

Partial Hospitalization in Southborough, MA            

As the name implies, partial hospitalization in Southborough, MA, involves elements of clinical care and medical monitoring. Addiction treatments may include medications, particularly if people are experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms. There are also cases where it would be medically unsafe for somebody to stop using a substance without medication, for example in cases on long-term and heavy alcohol dependency. Furthermore, medications can help to address any mental health issues.   

When attending partial hospitalization programs, or PHP in Southborough, MA, people stay in the clinic or center during the daytime and return to their own home each evening. As the most intensive form of outpatient rehab, PHP requires attendees spend a significant amount of time in the clinic.

Day Treatment in Southborough, MA

Similar to partial hospitalization programs, those receiving day treatment in Southborough, MA, visit the clinic each day and sleep at their own home every night. Daytimes are filled with robust treatment plans and therapies, designed to achieve the best results for anyone looking to beat a substance addiction.

Intensive Outpatient Program in Southborugh, MA

An intensive outpatient program in Southborough, MA, is different to the partial hospitalization program in that it doesn’t include medical monitoring. Therapies and treatments, however, are similar. Professionals work with clients to create a solid plan, which may include group and individual counseling, support group sessions, behavioral therapies, education, mindfulness, motivational therapies and more.   

Attending IOP in Southborough, MA may be suitable for anyone experiencing addiction issues and who:

  • Are dedicated to making a positive change
  • Will attend regular appointments
  • Have a supportive home environment
  • Have a good wider support network
  • Live in a substance-free home
  • Face little risk of being exposed to alcohol or drugs outside of the center

Outpatient Program in Southborough, MA

As with the above-mentioned programs, people who enroll in an outpatient program in Southborough, MA, will live at home while attending the center for addiction treatment during the day. As with other programs, an outpatient program, or OP, includes diverse rehab therapies and treatments to suit individual needs.

While offering a robust plan, OP in Southborough, MA, may require a smaller time commitment than IOP, thus allowing attendees to maintain other commitments, such as work, education or family. It may be possible to timetable sessions to fit around existing life commitments, and some attendees find evening sessions particularly advantageous to their circumstances. Virtual OP may be another alternative if you are unable to physically visit the clinic for treatment because of issues including mobility, accessibility, transportation, finances, childcare provisions and similar.

Men’s Rehab Program in Southborough, MA

Although most group activities within addition treatment programs generally include a mixture of men and women, people may feel more comfortable attending a dedicated men’s rehab program in Southborough, MA.

A rehab program for men places a greater focus on issues that tend to be unique to men. Furthermore, men and women learn differently; a men’s program is specifically designed to be educational for men and promote male-centered learning. Moreover, a man’s healing journey is likely to be different to that of a woman. Men’s rehab programs are customized to fully meet the typical recovery of a man.

There is often a greater, real or perceived, stigma surrounding reaching out for help when it involves a man. Single-gender sessions can break down some of this stigma and make attendees feel more comfortable when surrounded by others in a similar position as them. Rehab programs for men also help to remove barriers that can exist in mixed-gender settings.

Women’s Rehab Program in Southborough, MA

As with men’s rehab, a women’s rehab program in Southborough, MA is centered more around the issues and needs typically specific to one particular gender.

Women may feel more comfortable, less distracted, more open, more empowered and less self-conscious when attending rehab alongside other women. Sessions are designed around common learning and healing techniques typically unique to women. Women may bond easier with other program participants, helping to forge supportive friendships that will last long into the future.

In short, there’s a wide range of addiction treatment programs in Southborough, MA to support anyone experiencing a substance use disorder.  

Northstar Recovery Center in Southborough, MA is made up of a team of experienced, dedicated, and compassionate addiction treatment professionals. We want to see our community heal from the effects of the opioid epidemic, alcohol addiction, and other substance use disorders.

Day Treatment Program in MA

Our day treatment program in Massachusetts, also referred to as an intensive outpatient program (IOP), is the highest level of health care offered at NorthStar Recovery Center. This outpatient addiction treatment option encompasses comprehensive clinical health care and behavioral health therapy services. In the initial stages of addiction recovery, it's crucial to have robust support to navigate both the physical and emotional challenges that come with pursuing long-term sobriety.

Our dedicated team at NorthStar Recovery Center, located in Southborough, MA, and West Springfield, MA, is committed to assisting you in establishing a solid foundation for a lifelong recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol. Clients typically visit our outpatient addiction treatment center in Massachusetts each weekday for several hours, engaging in counseling sessions and other necessary interventions. This intensive outpatient therapy approach ensures a balanced and effective recovery process, tailored to individual needs within the framework of day treatment.


Individual, Group, and Family Counseling in Massachusetts

Addiction thrives in isolation, which is why group counseling sessions are a foundational part of our addiction treatment services. In group sessions, you’ll gain perspective on your struggles with substance use disorder and can connect with others who understand your experiences.

Family counseling can help your loved ones understand the disease of addiction, navigate conflict, develop better coping tools, and build healthier relationships. In individual counseling sessions, you’ll be able to work through personal issues like past trauma with the help of experienced therapists at our alcohol and drug treatment centers. Improve your quality of life and pursue lifelong sobriety now.

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