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PHP and IOP Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment in Massachusetts

Marlborough, Massachusetts, is a small city with approximately 17,000 residents.

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Marlborough has been ranked as the 27th best place to live in America by Money Magazine and was rated as one of the top 100 places to raise kids in the country by Business Insider. The town boasts an excellent school system and a community that offers families a high quality of life. Despite these qualities, substance use disorder treatment facilities are not always readily available to those who need them most. 


Substance Abuse Treatment in Marlborough, Massachusetts

The community of Marlborough, Massachusetts, is a nice slice of suburbia. The homes are close together, and the yards are neatly manicured with well-manicured lawns. It’s not until you take a closer look that you notice something’s missing: there are no children to be found playing in these yards or riding bikes on these sidewalks. This is because this suburban oasis has dealt with its share of substance use disorder problems over the years. As one might imagine, it can be difficult for parents to help their children if they suffer from substance abuse. They live in an environment like this where addiction is all too prevalent and accepted as commonplace behavior. In addition, youth who come from families dealing with substance use disorder often lack social skills due to their experiences at home.

Your specific needs must be met when you’re in a substance abuse treatment program. You can get this from programs that include personalized plans for recovery, such as IOP and PHP services offered at Northstar Recovery Center, located relatively close to Marlborough, MA.

This kind of individualized care provides schedules with targeted service options that meet the varying stages individuals experience while going through a substance abuse treatment process. 

Partial hospitalization programs can be an excellent option for those who need help with addiction but don’t want the stress of an inpatient program. However, Intensive Outpatient Programs offer more hours and flexibility and outpatient counseling from experts on substance abuse treatment issues such as family dynamics or maintaining healthy relationships at home while maintaining sobriety outside Massachusetts substance abuse treatment facilities.


Facts about substance use disorder in Marlborough, MA:

During the past few years, there have been issues with opioid abuse and other forms of substance abuse in Marlborough, MA. Some facts include:

Middlesex County had 1,164 fatal drug overdoses from 2016 through 2018; there were 372 drug-related deaths in 2017 alone (4 per month). 

Four times this number died due to accidental poisonings involving opioids like heroin or prescription painkillers such as oxycodone/APA’s – that’s more than anyplace else north of Boston, MA. As if these numbers weren’t shocking enough for you, though…fourteen people lost their lives last year after consuming alcohol while under the influence at parties & festivals.

State Without Stigma MA is a statewide effort to change the conversation about drug and alcohol abuse. Although there are many recovery programs around or near Marlborough, MA, they have seen that changing language can go miles towards helping individuals overcome their stigma toward substance use disorder. And reducing other barriers to treatment for substance abuse like insurance coverage denial rates. `This often leads people away from substance abuse treatment before finding what works best for them or otherwise getting help because treatment was not an option available. Of course, within a reasonable distance from home. Despite how important this may seem now more than ever given recent events locally and nationally.

How to find help for Substance Use Disorder in Marlborough, MA.

Suppose you find you or your loved one addicted to drugs or alcohol. In that case, A partial hospitalization program for Marlborough, MA, is a great way to support your recovery from addiction and give you the best chance at success. 

This level includes clinical care, behavioral therapies, and emotional support systems that will help during those early days in sobriety when it can be mentally and physically challenging with no one else around but yourself!

There is also the option for Intensive Outpatient or IOP in Marlborough, MA. This is the perfect compromise for those transitioning back into everyday life. Clients stay connected to our substance recovery team at Northstar Recovery Center and their peers in recovery. But begin practicing new healthy coping skills at home or work with support by attending three days a week.

The IOP program for Marlborough, MA, will provide you or your loved one an opportunity that may be more manageable than traditional full-time residential care. While still providing resources like individual counseling sessions to practice making changes without being judged about it. This helps build resilience against future setbacks instead of experiencing them less often.

Navigating recovery from substance abuse for Marlborough, MA, doesn’t have to be complicated. Reach out today at (888) 311-0911, or connect with us online and find out more about our program that will help get you on your feet again!



Northstar Recovery Center in Southborough, MA is made up of a team of experienced, dedicated, and compassionate addiction treatment professionals. We want to see our community heal from the effects of the opioid epidemic, alcohol addiction, and other substance use disorders.

Day Treatment Program in MA

Our day treatment program in Massachusetts, also referred to as an intensive outpatient program (IOP), is the highest level of health care offered at NorthStar Recovery Center. This outpatient addiction treatment option encompasses comprehensive clinical health care and behavioral health therapy services. In the initial stages of addiction recovery, it's crucial to have robust support to navigate both the physical and emotional challenges that come with pursuing long-term sobriety.

Our dedicated team at NorthStar Recovery Center, located in Southborough, MA, and West Springfield, MA, is committed to assisting you in establishing a solid foundation for a lifelong recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol. Clients typically visit our outpatient addiction treatment center in Massachusetts each weekday for several hours, engaging in counseling sessions and other necessary interventions. This intensive outpatient therapy approach ensures a balanced and effective recovery process, tailored to individual needs within the framework of day treatment.


Individual, Group, and Family Counseling in Massachusetts

Addiction thrives in isolation, which is why group counseling sessions are a foundational part of our addiction treatment services. In group sessions, you’ll gain perspective on your struggles with substance use disorder and can connect with others who understand your experiences.

Family counseling can help your loved ones understand the disease of addiction, navigate conflict, develop better coping tools, and build healthier relationships. In individual counseling sessions, you’ll be able to work through personal issues like past trauma with the help of experienced therapists at our alcohol and drug treatment centers. Improve your quality of life and pursue lifelong sobriety now.

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