Substance Use Therapy in Wayland, MA

Substance Use Therapy in Wayland, MA

Life looks a lot different when you’re struggling with substance use. It can completely take over everything else, forcing important people and responsibilities aside for the sake of continuing to use. Those caught in the cycle of addiction can feel powerless to stop it, or maybe they have trouble realizing that they’re in the cycle. If you or someone you love is facing this challenge, know that there are options for substance use therapy in Wayland, MA, available to you. Northstar Recovery Center and similar programs are out there to help. 

Common Symptoms of Substance Abuse

Substance Use Therapy in Wayland, MA

Substance use affects everyone differently. The experience of one person won’t always perfectly mirror what another will go through, even if on paper they seem to have similarities. You can even abuse the same substance and be of a similar demographic and stage of life as another addict, but symptoms (and consequently the treatment you need) won’t be the same. 

Still, if you’re struggling to identify if what you’re going through really is substance abuse, it’s helpful to know the most common symptoms. If you recognize these, or if you’ve seen someone you care about exhibit these signs, you’ll know with more certainty that it’s time to seek help. Below, you’ll find a few things to look out for. 

Withdrawal Symptoms

This is a big one, and it’s one of the easier ones to notice when you’re going through it. If you stop using a substance and begin experiencing withdrawal symptoms after you’ve been away from it, you need to seek help. Withdrawal symptoms can include things like nausea, sweating, shaking, fatigue, pain, and difficulty with sleep. There are certainly other symptoms that qualify, too. If you stop using a drug and begin experiencing negative physical or mental effects because of that action, those are withdrawal symptoms. 

A Desire to Use Drugs and Alcohol Regularly

Are you preoccupied with the idea that you need to use the substance in question? Do you crave it regularly, maybe even multiple times a day? This is a sign that you’re developing (or possibly have already developed) a dependency on that substance. Before it gets any further or does more damage, get treatment. 

Higher Tolerance

Do you need more of the substance to feel its effects than you did when you started using? If so, you’ve probably developed a higher tolerance. People will typically compensate by using more and more of a drug to get the same effects they did when they first encountered it. If that sounds familiar, take it as your sign that it’s time to move away from that substance. 

Choosing the Substance Over Other Obligations

If you’re pushing away responsibilities and obligations for the sake of being able to use drugs or alcohol, you do have a problem. It could be affecting the relationships in your life, maybe with your family, friends, or other loved ones, or maybe it’s hurting your performance at work. Regardless, if you’re letting important things fall by the wayside because of your desire or need to use, you can reach out to enroll in treatment and get help. 

Substance Use Therapy in Wayland, MA

Risky Behavior to Obtain the Substance

Have you engaged in risky, illegal, or unsafe behavior to ensure you could get the substance you need? This might include stealing, fighting, or even lying and sneaking around. If you’re putting yourself at risk or doing things you would typically do all for the sake of getting that substance, it’s time to evaluate your next step. 

How Can Substance Use Therapy Help?

If any of the symptoms above are familiar to you or something else has prompted you to seek out treatment, substance use therapy can be a huge asset on your path toward recovery. “Substance use therapy” isn’t one single thing, but rather a collection of different types of therapy designed to help addictions and those with dependencies get the tools they need to help themselves. Substance use therapy includes therapy techniques such as: 

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, has been proven helpful for those with substance use problems. It focuses on helping you change how you think and how to change your behaviors accordingly. 
  • Group Therapy – Group therapy is a safe environment where you can speak to peers, and it can remove the sense of isolation that many addicts feel. 
  • Individual Therapy – One-on-one time with a therapist allows you to focus on your unique needs and experiences as well as form your plan for getting better. 
  • Trauma Therapy – If trauma or grief plays a role in your addiction, trauma therapy can give you the tools to address it and cope. 


You don’t have to struggle with your addiction and recovery alone. If you’re experiencing symptoms or showing signs of substance abuse and are ready to get help, there are programs and substance use therapy options in Wayland, MA, for you. If you’re searching for one, reach out to Northstar Recovery Center to begin your journey.