Take Charge of Your Life with Addiction Treatment in MA

Recovering from substance use disorder takes dedication and hard work, but it is something you can achieve. You just need the chance to prove it by attending an addiction program that will work for you. But you may also be looking for addiction treatment with Tufts Insurance.

Take Charge of Your Life with Addiction Treatment in MA

Your Life With Substance Use Disorder

How long have you been struggling with substance use disorder? Chances are you know, even if you’re not ready to admit it to yourself just yet. But you also know just how much your disorder has been costing you. It may have caused you trouble with:

  • Work
  • Romantic relationships
  • Friendships
  • Familial relationships
  • School
  • General life enjoyment
  • Finances
  • The law

Unfortunately, substance misuse can start out as something that seems harmless and quickly devolve into something that takes away from the rest of your life. It becomes something that you can’t even understand.

When you first started out you never imagined that you would be where you are today. You never thought that you would be looking at addiction treatment in MA because you never believed occasional use could be a problem. And then things began to change.

Maybe it all snuck up on you. Perhaps it was a few drinks with friends every once in a while that slowly turned into regular beverages with friends and then drinking every night just to cope.

Or maybe it was pain medication for an injury that turned into an addiction that you couldn’t stop.

Or maybe it was another recreational use that started out occasional and spiraled out of control before you knew what was happening.

No matter how it happened, you’ve now realized that your substance misuse has cost you jobs, friends, and your overall enjoyment of your life. You no longer experience even some of the little things that you once enjoyed because your substance use disorder has taken over your life.

It’s important to look at just how that substance misuse affects your life.

The bad news is, there have probably already been situations that you regret and relationships that will never be the same.

The good news is, you can start today to make changes in your life and get on the road to something better.

What Happens Next?

So, what happens next? Well, you can start looking at addiction treatment in MA to help you overcome the situation you’re currently in so you can get back to the life that you want to live with your loved ones, your friends, or even just yourself.

What you should know when you’re looking for treatment options is that all substance use disorder treatment is not the same. Some programs are designed to offer partial hospitalization, while others might offer outpatient programs. Others might also offer entire hospitalization and rehabilitation. Others might only be a detox program.

When you’re ready to change your life and overcome your substance use disorder, you need to know what’s out there so you can choose the type of program that’s going to work for you. You also need to learn more about your insurance and what you may be able to get help with.


Checking With Your Insurance

Working with your insurance to find out more about the different types of programs available and what they will cover for you is important. After all, substance use disorder treatment can be expensive if you have to go it alone. So make sure you’re getting all the help and support you can.

The first step is to reach out to your insurance company or to the facility that you’re thinking about going to so you can find out what’s available. With either of these options you’ll be able to find out if your insurance covers the program or any part of the program. Then you can make a decision about whether it’s right for you.

Keep in mind that your insurance may cover certain programs within a facility. Or they may cover a portion of the program. Or they may recommend that you attend an entirely different program or facility in order to get coverage.

Once you know what your options are you can get started with the program of your choice. That’s how you find something that you are most comfortable with.


Options for Addiction Treatment with Tufts Insurance

If you have Tufts Insurance you are in luck because your insurance may cover some or even all of your treatment through one of two different types of programs that are offered with North Star Recovery Center. These include the partial hospitalization program (or PHP) and the intensive outpatient program (or IOP).

Partial hospitalization program:

  • Meet up to 6 hours per day and 5 days per week
  • Individual therapy for goal setting and support
  • Group therapy for additional support and accountability
  • Support groups for safe interaction and building a network
  • Step up from intensive outpatient programs


Intensive outpatient program:

  • Meets up to 4 hours per day and 3 days per week
  • Higher retention rate than standard outpatient programs
  • Support groups for building networks
  • Encourages family healing
  • Long-term relationship building
  • High level of accountability to continue
  • Step up from standard outpatient programs


Take Charge of Your Life with Addiction Treatment in MA

Are You Ready to Make a Change?

Have you started taking a good hard look at your life and realized that you don’t like the way it’s going?

Maybe you are tired of losing relationships with the people who matter to you.

Maybe you are tired of feeling as though you don’t have control of your own life.

Maybe you’ve been given a diagnosis that you aren’t happy with.

In short, there’s something going on in your life that has made you think that you want to be done with you substance misuse.

If this sounds like you then it’s time to look into the options. And it’s time to consider a program that really works for you and is proven to work. With North Star Recovery Center you’ll have everything that you need to change your life for the better, and get on your way to the life that you deserve. 

When you’re ready, contact us to find out more about the program options available and what your insurance will cover. It’s time to make a change for the better. 

Northstar Recovery Center in Southborough, MA is made up of a team of experienced, dedicated, and compassionate addiction treatment professionals. We want to see our community heal from the effects of the opioid epidemic, alcohol addiction, and other substance use disorders.

Partial Hospitalization Program in Southborough, MA

Our partial hospitalization program in Southborough, Massachusetts is the highest level of care we offer. This addiction treatment option includes clinical care and behavioral therapies. During the early days of recovery from addiction, it’s essential to have support for both the physical and emotional challenges you might face. Our team at Northstar Recovery Center in Massachusetts will help you build a strong foundation for lifelong recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol. Typically, clients come to our addiction treatment center each weekday for several hours of counseling sessions and other interventions as needed.

Intensive Outpatient Program in Southborough, MA

An intensive outpatient program (IOP) in Southborough, MA does not require 24/7 residency at a facility, but it demands more of your time than a regular outpatient program. It is ideal for those who need a higher level of care but are okay being at home. This way the individual can still live their life while getting counseling and support that is still needed in early recovery from substance use disorder.

Individual, Group, and Family Counseling in Massachusetts

Addiction thrives in isolation, which is why group counseling sessions are a foundational part of our addiction treatment plans. In group sessions, you’ll gain perspective on your struggles with substance abuse and can connect with others who understand your experiences. Family counseling can help your loved ones understand the disease of addiction, navigate conflict, and build healthier relationships. In individual counseling sessions, you’ll be able to work through personal issues like past trauma with the help of an experienced therapist.

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